Apex Legends character Immortal leaked

Find out what the Shield Support’s potential abilities are.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

During the Iron Crown patch, Respawn’s development team accidentally published information on 14 unreleased characters in the Apex Legends files. With nine already revealed by data miners, the next one on the list is Immortal, the Shield Support.

YouTuber and data miner The Gaming Merchant shared the leaked character today in a video that highlights all of the support’s potential abilities.


The Gaming Merchant said that Immortal is a healing legend to rival Lifeline, the only healer in Apex at this time. When looking at Immortal’s abilities, that statement rings true because every ability the unreleased character has centers around healing.

Here are what Immortal’s abilities may look like.

Passive ability: Hard to Kill

When you get downed, you can revive yourself.

This may seem overtuned, but any player with a self-revive knockdown shield can use the same ability and the cast time is fairly long.

Tactical ability: Shield Charger/Shield Teardown

The Shield Charger ability, when targeting allies, unleashes a cloud of nanites to charge your teams’ shields. When hitting an enemy, however, the Shield Teardown tactical unleashes a cloud of nanites to kill their shields for a short period of time.

This sounds like Respawn took a page out of Blizzard’s book. Ana, one of Overwatch’s support characters, has a Biotic Grenade that can either heal allies or prevent enemies from healing. If Immortal’s tactical is anything like Ana’s grenade, the ability will likely be game-changing.

“This does have some healing potential, but it seems the real value is in using it aggressively,” The Gaming Merchant said. “Being able to completely kill somebody’s shield seems sounds very powerful, and I’m a bit worried about how Respawn plans to balance this.”

Ultimate ability: Rise of the Phoenix

Restores your health and shield to full and gives nearby teammates 30 seconds of self revive. Takes eight seconds to charge.

Despite what seems like a long charge time, this ability seems completely overpowered. Couple this ultimate with Wattson’ pylon, which recharges shields and destroys any projectiles launched in the vicinity, and the squad can virtually be unkillable.

The Gaming Merchant believes that Immortal’s abilities may change closer to their release date.

“I personally think Immortal may undergo some big balancing changes, and perhaps some changes to their kit to make them stand out a little because they’re essentially just borrowing in-game items, the Phoenix Kit and the self-res shield, and turning those into Immortal’s abilities,” The Gaming Merchant said.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information, so Immortal’s abilities are still subject to change.

Now that 10 unreleased Apex characters have been unearthed by data miners, there are still four to go.