Unreleased Apex Legends banner poses leaked

A data miner found new content in the game’s files.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In season one of Apex Legends, fans complained that there simply wasn’t enough content to keep the game fresh. With the midway point of a successful season two approaching, one data miner found unreleased content that could be coming soon.

A data miner recently revealed renders of 13 unreleased banner poses for Apex characters.

The video leaked rare banner poses for Pathfinder, Octane, Mirage, Wattson, and Gibraltar. Pathfinder’s “Grapple” pose is pretty self explanatory, whereas Mirage’s “Quickdraw” features the holographic trickster as a Wild West cowboy, shooting at his clone with a Wingman pistol.

Poses with less rarity in Apex aren’t animated and sit still within the frame. The less rare poses found were for Octane, Wattson, Bangalore, and Caustic. None of them seemed particularly interesting aside from Caustic’s “Stabby” pose, which showcases the noxious doctor gruesomely raising a knife to an unsuspecting victim.

Although none of these banner poses have been confirmed by Respawn’s development team, new content will be coming to Apex in the Iron Crown Collection Event scheduled for Aug. 13 to 27.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Along with new skins for Bloodhound, Mirage, Lifeline, Bangalore, and Wraith, the much-anticipated Solos mode will also make its appearance during the event. It wouldn’t be a far cry if the new banner poses were released at this time as well.