This Apex player shouldn’t be allowed to drive the Trident anymore

This isn't the kind of team kill they wanted.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player found out the hard way that the game’s Trident vehicles aren’t as easy to drive as they look.

Reddit user I_Is_Burrito shared a video of the unfortunate moment over the weekend. The clip starts out with them driving a Trident through the Gardens area of Olympus. They weren’t quite able to maneuver it over one of the bridges, so they ended up falling into the river that surrounds Gardens. They then angled it toward one of the back entrances to Energy Depot and bumped into the back wall. I_Is_Burrito’s Octane teammate tried to jump out, only to be shunted over the wall and off the side of the map by the Trident’s momentum.

Undeterred, I_Is_Burrito continued driving down the ramps to Energy Depot and tried to cut a corner over a bottomless pit by boosting. The Trident grinded along the side of the wall like a skateboard and almost made it to the other side—but not quite. I_Is_Burrito’s other teammate tried to jump out as the Trident fell over the side of the wall but didn’t make it and fell down like the Octane. I_Is_Burrito initially fell down with the Trident and then was given a rocket boost back up toward the platform that didn’t shoot them high enough to make it over the wall, resulting in them falling off the edge. It was a truly unfortunate end for the squad.

Olympus’ Tridents aren’t designed to be ridden all around the map, as was on display here. Their loud sounds and wide turn radius don’t allow for stealth or precision. Still, it’s great to see players attempt to use them in new ways—even if those new ways don’t quite go as planned.