The rarest Valkyrie skins in Apex Legends

She rules the skies in style.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Nothing feels quite like soaring through the skies as Valkyrie in Apex Legends. When the winged avenger arrived in season nine, she completely changed the game, adding plenty of verticality and area-of-effect abilities to the Apex Games. You could even say that she opened up an entirely new dimension, encouraging players to look up as well as around themselves.

Like many in the Outlands, Valkyrie is a stylish character, and her skins definitely reflect that. From her Japanese heritage to her dad’s legacy in Titanfall, her skins incorporate a variety of influences and visual flair. Her one constant, of course, is her metal wings: no matter what she wears, they still feature prominently in her model. If you want to take out your enemies in style, you’ll need one of these hard-to-find skins.

Here are the rarest Valkyrie skins in Apex.

Aerial Evolution

Valkyrie wears a purple bug-inspired skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This violently violet legendary skin was awarded to players who reached level 25 of season 10’s premium battle pass. Many of the skins from that battle pass featured monster and bug-like details since the season’s theme was evolution and change. Battle pass skins don’t usually reappear as rewards or shop items in future seasons, so players who missed out on this skin are likely out of luck.

Omatsuri Fury

Valkyrie wears a festival-inspired skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Omatsuri Fury is a fun yellow skin that includes lots of nods to Valkyrie’s Japanese heritage. It was available for purchase during the Genesis collection event, which ran during season nine. Event legendary skins can only be obtained by finding them in a seasonal loot crate or purchasing them for a high price. While Omatsuri Fury may appear in the in-game shop after the event is over, it remains expensive and difficult to find.

Punk Rocket

Valkyrie wears a dramatic black and green skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Despite its dramatic coloring, this skin is only classified as rare. Punk Rocket was given to Prime Gaming subscribers in May 2021. To obtain the skin, players had to have an active Prime Gaming subscription that month and manually activate the reward themselves, so extra steps were involved to get this cool outfit. Like battle pass skins, Prime Gaming skins don’t usually make a return, so this one has become hard to find.

Callous Cartographer

Valkyrie wears a patterned teal skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While it might look a little plain, Callous Cartographer is without a doubt one of Valkyrie’s rarest skins. It was awarded to PlayStation Plus subscribers during season 12. Players must have had an active PlayStation Plus subscription and received their gift on PlayStation to access this skin, so you won’t see it much among PC players. As Apex’s seasons continue, this skin will only become rarer.

Intricate Detail

Valkyrie wears a flowery pink skin.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Yet another unusual rare-tier skin, Intricate Detail was awarded to players who reached level 53 of season nine’s battle pass. It’s a little more common than Aerial Evolution since players only needed the standard battle pass to obtain this pink and flowery outfit, but its status as a battle pass skin means that it likely won’t become available in the in-game store or be reissued in any way going forward. This makes it a relatively rare find.