The rarest Seer skins in Apex Legends

They'll never see you coming - unless you want them to.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Seer’s release marked the expansion of what many players called the “wallhack meta” in Apex Legends. The Outlands’ ambush artist can see players’ location and health bars through walls and reveal enemy movement with his abilities, leaving nowhere for opponents to hide.

While fellow legend Bloodhound can also see enemies through walls and structures, they are designed to be more aggressive, while Seer is stealthier and more careful. That doesn’t mean that Seer is any less of a threat, though. If anything, his ability to choose his location carefully and reveal enemies at the right moment is a force to be reckoned with.

As a seasoned performer, Seer knows how to dazzle his enemies with his skill and artistry. If you want to do the same to other players, you’ll need to look the part first.

Here are the rarest Seer skins in Apex Legends.

Rarest Seer skins in Apex Legends

Aces High

Seer wears a blue and white skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This legendary skin was awarded to players who reached level 25 in season 12’s battle pass. Thanks to its blue-and-white color scheme and colorful vest patches, it has a fun retro theme. Battle pass skins don’t usually make a return through the in-game shop or in some other way after their first appearance, so as the game’s seasons continue, Aces Wild will become less and less common.

The Baron

Seer wears a black and orange skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Baron is another of Seer’s legendary skins that is occasionally available to players in the in-game shop. To obtain it, players must already own Afrofuturism, one of his base legendary skins, and purchase The Baron with either Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. Because this skin only appears somewhat randomly in the shop and can’t be found anywhere else, it’s definitely one of Seer’s rarest outfits.

Check Me Out

Seer wears a black-and-white checkered skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While Check Me Out is only a rare-level skin, it’s more difficult to find than some of his legendary outfits. This skin was awarded to Prime Gaming subscribers in August 2021. To obtain it, players had to be subscribed to Prime Gaming during that month and manually claim the skin themselves, so there were a few extra steps involved if you wanted to snag this fancy black-and-white checkered skin. Like battle pass skins, Prime Gaming skins don’t return, so this one is already hard to find.

Heart of Gold

Seer dons a very flashy all-gold skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This solid-gold skin was awarded at level one of the season 10 battle pass, so it coincided with Seer’s release. Like its cousin Aces High, Heart of Gold is a battle pass skin, so it probably won’t return in the future except under very unusual circumstances. Even though it’s only a rare-tier skin, it’s a little harder to find than Aces High because it was released two seasons before that skin.


Seer wears a red and black pirate-themed skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The pirate-themed Freebooter was available for purchase during the Raiders event, which ran during season 11. While it doesn’t do too much to change up Seer’s look besides adding a few skulls and crossbones, it’s no longer available to purchase and difficult to find in the in-game store, granting it a spot on our list. It’s possible that Freebooter could come back to the store in the future, but it’s entirely based on luck.