The rarest Rampart skins in Apex Legends

"No need to dress nice. Gonna get messy."

Rampart stands out in Apex Legends as one of the game’s few defense characters. Her aim is to choose one position to fortify with her walls and ultimate.

She was released in season six, which launched in August 2020. As is common with every character, she received 16 common skins, 15 rare, five epic, and four legendary skins on release. They will all be available permanently in the Legends menu and will cost 30, 60, 400, and 1,200 crafting materials respectively.

Although Rampart was released some time ago, she still has yet to receive a limited-time legendary skin outside the four she got upon release. But she has since received other skins that aren't available anymore, which make them rarer than others.

Here are the rarest Rampart skins in Apex Legends.

Deep Freeze (epic)

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Deep Freeze is a wintery recolor of Rampart's clothes. As the style suggests, the skin was available in the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event. It could only be bought in the store for 1,000 Apex coins.

Gold Standard (epic)

Image via Respawn Entertainment

This skin adds vibrant colors and gold elements to Rampart's clothes, which is reminiscent of her Cascade skin from the season six battle pass. This skin was available in the shop though the Fight Night event in January 2021, as well as in random event Apex packs for the luckiest players.

Custom Finish (rare)

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although it's only a rare skin, Custom Finish offers a completely new style for Rampart. She becomes a blond punk in this skin. It was offered to Twitch Prime subscribers in August 2020, so not many players have this skin in their collection.

Gearhead (Rare)

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gearhead is the most vibrant Rampart skin. Contrary to the rare skins released at her launch, it recolors all of her clothes and weapon with a glowey effect.

It's a skin not many players own, because it was only available through a short period of time. It was featured in the Boosted Pack of season six, when she was released, and could be bought for 600 Apex coins.