The rarest Ash skins in Apex Legends

Sharpen your blades, legends.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ash has joined the Apex Games, and she hasn’t come to play. The incisive instigator first appeared in Apex Legends as the commentator of Arenas. Several seasons later, she was added to the game as a playable character, but that doesn’t mean she relinquished her spot as the Arenas master. If anything, her knowledge of legends’ locations and their strategies makes her that much more dangerous.

Like Revenant, Ash is a simulacrum, Apex‘s version of robots. Her skins tend to follow her personality: sharp, succinct, and severe. As with many other legends, her rarest skins are generally the product of Twitch Prime deals, old battle pass rewards, and limited-time events.

Here are the rarest Ash skins in Apex Legends.

Synthetic Huntress

Ash dons her Synthetic Huntress skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Synthetic Huntress was available for purchase during season 12’s Warriors collection event. Its high price and limited availability make it one of the rarest Ash skins around. While it could come back into the in-game store at some time in the future, its reappearance is not guaranteed. You’ll need a lot of luck to snag this sassy purple and gold legendary skin.

Solar Consequence

Ash wears a strikingly orange skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ash doesn’t like to hide in the shadows, and this metallic orange skin proves it: you can see her coming from a mile away. Solar Consequence is a recolor of Fallen Angel, one of her base legendary skins, and requires either Legend Tokens or Apex Coins to purchase. Because the skin has to be available in the in-game store in order to obtain it, it’s a coin flip whether it will be available on any given week.

Venom Blade

While Venom Blade is only an epic-tier skin, it has just as much style as many of Ash’s legendary skins. This skin was available in November 2021 as part of Prime Gaming’s free loot rotation. In order to have received it, you must have been a subscriber at the time of its release and claimed your reward from the Prime Gaming website. These skins aren’t usually reissued, making anything given out by Prime very rare.

Modern Primitive

Ash wears her Modern Primitive skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This somewhat-muted skin was awarded at level one of season 12’s premium battle pass. Modern Primitive features stickers and video iconography on Ash’s body armor and legs, giving it something of a punk flair. In order to obtain this skin, players would need to have purchased the premium battle pass at some point during season 12. Like Prime Gaming skins, battle pass skins don’t normally make a comeback after their respective season is over, so this one is getting harder to find with every passing season.

Deep Sea Dragon

Ash's Deep Sea Dragon skin.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Deep Sea Dragon was one of two epic skins available for purchase during season 11’s pirate-themed Raiders event, the other being Seer’s Freebooter skin. This skin is one of Ash’s most flashy thanks to its gold-on-blue dragon print all over the skin’s arms and legs. It also includes scale-like patterns on other parts of her armor. This skin is no longer regularly purchasable, though it may come back to the game’s shop at some point in the future.