The MRVN in Olympus has a new message from Pathfinder’s creator

Dr. Amelie has more to say about Project Iris.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Fight Night patch brought more than just the chance to fistfight your opponents to death today. One of the MRVNs in Olympus has an important message from Pathfinder’s creator, Dr. Amelie P.

Interacting with the MRVN in Hammond Labs reveals another voice recording from Dr. Amelie—and it mentions elements that we've seen before in Apex lore.

“Thanks to the additional funding from Chevrex... [incoherent] ...received last week, Project Iris is officially... [incoherent] ...the Event,” the voice memo says. “We are starting... [incoherent] ...the future of the Outlands. Aleki and myself will... [incoherent] ...and our MRVN: Pathfinder. We... [incoherent] ...making history.”

A few of those names are familiar in the Apex universe. Chevrex, for instance, hosted the charity event that the legends attended during the season seven quest, Family Portrait, and is connected to Lifeline's parents. Project Iris also has been teased before in one of Bangalore's voice lines in Kings Canyon, according to community figure Frozenfroh.

The name Aleki, however, seems to be new to the story of Apex. In the Fight Night short, Dr. Amelie used the plural to refer to Pathfinder's creators, which hinted at Pathfinder being created by more than one person. Aleki could be another person behind the MRVN's design.

Another important part of the message is Project Iris. Bangalore acknowledges Project Iris during a season five voice line in Kings Canyon. “Makes sense they'd have a research facility down here, especially after what happened with Iris,” she says in Capacitor.