The digital edition of Pathfinder’s Quest, Apex’s lore book, is available for purchase

The launch should make it more accessible to the rest of the public.

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Fans all over the world can finally get their hands on Apex Legends’ first lore book, Pathfinder’s Quest, without worrying about delivery. The Kindle edition is available for purchase on Amazon for $23.99—no shipping fees or deadlines required.

The digital edition’s launch comes exactly a month after the hardcover release on Feb. 2. It provides an alternative way to get the book with a smaller price tag ($23.99 as opposed to $35.99) and immediate access. The new edition could prove particularly appealing to international fans, who will benefit from the lack of shipping fees (which may cost almost as much as the book itself) and instant delivery.

Pathfinder’s Quest chronicles the MRVN’s search for his creator with the help of his fellow legends and takes place just after the events of the Fight Night short. The book is penned by Apex writers Manny Hagopian, Tom Casiello, and Ashley Reed and published by Dark Horse comics.

Despite its title, Pathfinder’s Quest doesn’t just tell the story of the MRVN. It delivers an avalanche of lore on both the universe and the legends that inhabit it, from day one veterans such as Bangalore and Mirage to guest appearances from Rampart and Horizon. Long-standing mysteries meet new information as Pathfinder interviews the rest of the cast to find out the truth about his creation.

In each chapter, Pathfinder interviews a legend or two to unearth their connection to his creators. His questions lead the reader through the lives of each legend and tell the story of the Frontier in the process—from the foggy end of the Frontier War and the Battle of Gridiron to the heavily-enforced peace that followed it and lasts until the present. The book reveals secrets, mysteries, histories, and motives for most of the legends and is a marvelous adventure for any lore-hounds.


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