The best guns to buy for your first round in Apex Legends’ Arenas

The first round is when you'll have the least resources, so take any advantage you can get.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

You won’t have to scavenge for loot in Apex Legends’ Arenas, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be drowning in guns and golden attachments—at least not at the beginning of a match. The Arena mode takes RNG out of the equation and introduces a buy phase, which lets players get their hands on any gun in the game as long as they have the resources to do so.

All players get 550 Crafting Materials when a match begins and must spend those resources to get guns, healing items, attachments, or grenades. The bonus increases after each round, and legends can scavenge more of them through supply containers on the map or through kills. These circumstances make materials plentiful and odds are there won’t be any need to count quarters in the mid to late stages of a match. Things flow differently in the first round, however.

The starting round hinges on those initial materials and the choice between spending them all or saving some for later. Guns reset after every round, so trying to hold onto them is pointless. Luckily, the P2020 and Mozambique are free in Arenas, and they pack up a punch after the wave of Legacy buffs. This means that, if worst comes to worst, players can rely on them.

There’s a series of strategies available at the beginning of a match based on how players want to spend their resources. We’ve compiled our suggestions of what to buy during the first round in Arenas based on how much they’d cost.

The Usual Suspects: Volt, R-99, Spitfire, Flatline, Wingman (500-550 Materials)

Some guns will always be solid picks, and these weapons, for the most part, are at the top of the list. They’re effective but come with a steep price tag. The Spitfire and Flatline make for solid, reliable choices at range (although the only reason the R-301 isn’t on that list is that it’s over budget). The Volt and R-99 are a bit harder to use at mid-range but can shred a target up close. And the Wingman is a phenomenal option for anyone with a steady hand.

  • Spitfire + Mozambique (550): for raining lead from afar and burst damage when up close.
  • Flatline + Mozambique (550): The next best thing after the R-301, the Flatline is your general-use gun and the Mozambique is for finishing targets up close.
  • Wingman + Mozambique (500): The Wingman is a pocket sniper that can deal a ton of damage at range, and the Mozambique can do the same thing up close. Open with the Wingman, finish with the Mozambique.
  • Volt + P2020 (500): The Volt is a solid submachine gun, but with the buffs to the P2020 in Legacy, its 18 damage per shot and easy recoil make it a comfortable option for poking.
  • R-99 + P2020 (550): The R-99 comes with great damage potential and matching recoil, so the P2020 adds a small amount of range to the kit. Poke with the P2020, shred with the R-99, then switch back to the P2020 and finish who’s left.
  • Peacekeeper + P2020 (500): The Peacekeeper is back to ground loot in Legacy and, naturally, it’s an attractive (and effective) option. Pair it with the P2020, because dual shotguns likely won’t help.

Budget-Friendly: 30-30, G7 Scout, Longbow, Alternator, Havoc (350-400)

Going for the weapons with the steepest price tags leaves no room for ability charges or grenades, but there’s a series of options that offer some leeway to players. They cost around 350-400 materials, which is usually enough for an ability charge or some items. Here are our choices

  • Alternator + Mozambique (400): The Alternator is a solid, forgiving weapon that pairs well with a Mozambique for burst damage up close.
  • 30-30 + Mozambique (350): The 30-30 is a powerful mid-range weapon, and the Mozambique is good at close range. Players can swap it out for the P2020 for extra comfort, however.
  • G7 Scout + Mozambique (350): The G7 is already an overloaded P2020, so there’s no point in running two of the same thing.
  • Havoc + Mozambique (350): The Havoc is a divisive weapon, but still a solid, budget-friendly option if you know your way around it.
  • Longbow DMR + P2020 (400): The Longbow is relatively cheap and packs a punch. It comes in stock with a 6x zoom scope, which is a blessing in far combat. Since Arenas is mostly enclosed spaces, however, don’t expect to use it too often.

Super Saver: EVA-8, RE-45 (250)

The EVA-8 and RE-45 are the two cheapest weapons in the game outside of the free ones, and they are direct upgrades to the Mozambique and P2020 respectively. Unlike in the previous options, there are no hidden gems amongst these two for the first round, but they are cheap and will get the job done.

Coupling an EVA-8 with the P2020 is better than running an RE-45 and a Mozambique because of the potential for ranged combat, and the EVA-8 will outperform the Mozambique at close range.

Closing thoughts

The introduction of buying weapons turns Arenas into a different beast than its battle royale counterpart. Loadouts aren’t limited by availability or luck. Instead, they’re based on resources, and managing materials is key.

The first round in Arenas is the hardest to buy because of the sheer scarcity in materials. Each round will give progressively more resources and players can also scavenge more through kills or canisters. That doesn’t apply to the first round, however.

The buying process can vary based on playstyle, legend choice, and even map, so we’ve compiled a list of possible loadouts for a series of scenarios, and choosing between them ultimately is up to the player.