The best Bangalore skins in Apex Legends

There’s more than one way to drop, shock, and rock onto the catwalk.

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fashion is a wonderfully subjective topic and what you wear can say a lot about you, even in a game like Apex Legends. Do you pick a skin for its rarity? Is it about how well it fits into the aesthetic of your banner? Does the skin just have a really nice pair of gloves to stare at in first-person? Everyone may have their tastes, but Bangalore’s skin releases have danced wildly between lackluster and fantastic since Apex launched in 2019.

As a launch legend, Bangalore enjoys a plethora of skins to pick from that have been released over the years. She currently has 24 Legendary skins if you include recolors, and some of them really stand out from the rest. Favorites may vary, but aspects such as color palette conformity, hairstyle diversity, and outfit cohesion are universal measurements for just how good a skin might be. Lucky for Bangalore players looking to level up their presentation, there are some great skins that tick all of these boxes.

Here are the best Bangalore skins in Apex.

Crimson Queen

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A menacing red reimagining of Bangalore’s Outland Warrior skin, Crimson Queen strips back Bangalore’s military aesthetic and replaces it with more traditional warrior attire. Skulls, fangs, and fur all adorn armor that is given a clean black, gold, and crimson color palette. This palette extends to her face as well, which is decorated with harsh streaks of red and gold paint. Bangalore’s unique hairstyle here matches the shapes and flow of the war paint, completing what is an intimidating look for the Professional Soldier.

Crimson Queen was a Legendary skin introduced during the Anniversary collection event in season eight, available to purchase for 1,800 Apex Coins or 1,200 Crafting Materials. The skin also made a return during 2022’s Lunar New Year sale at a 30-percent discount for 1,250 Apex Coins.

Killing Machine

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Turning beloved legends into half-Simulacrum, half-human hybrids is a feature of a number of legend skins, but Bangalore’s Killing Machine Legendary skin is a particular standout. Glowing cyan accents and glowing cyan eyes are an immediate attention-grabber on her head, before your eyes trail down to the cropped techwear jacket that she wears over her body armor. The combat pants that replace her usual battle skirt in this outfit give the skin a uniquely sleek silhouette—and who doesn’t love a Bangalore skin that shows off her arms a bit?

Killing Machine was originally released as part of the System Override collection event in season four, but also returned to the store during the Raiders collection event the year after in a bundle. The Legendary skin cost 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Materials to purchase.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Viceroy Bangalore has a refined couture that the original character is perhaps lacking. The outfit has an art deco sensibility to it, with an intricate gold trim complimenting an almost all-black look. It’s one of Bangalore’s least bulky skins, missing her usual full battle skirt and military accessories beyond a decorative rapier and two small grenades on her belt. Even her usual haircut has been trimmed back, with only a small patch of hair left on her head. Sometimes less is more, and Viceroy’s gilded skin-tight uniform is a perfect example of that.

This Legendary skin is available for purchase in Bangalore’s skin screen, costing 1,200 Crafting Materials in total. The skin was originally released during the Grand Soirée event but had its availability made permanent at a later date.

Radical Action

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

For players wanting to splash Bangalore out in a wardrobe fitting her bombastic military mindset, Radical Action holds the crown. Equipped with a bullet strap, an array of medals, and a rather attractive scar hidden behind fiery orange sunglasses, Bangalore looks ready for any battle that G.I. Joe could throw at her. The design may be one-note but it plays the note perfectly, and the hairstyle she rocks is one of the most unique available in the Professional Soldier’s skin line.

Unfortunately, the skin was available exclusively through season eight’s battle pass. Long-time players may find it hidden away in their collection already, but new players will miss out unless Respawn changes its policy on re-releasing old battle pass skins.

Sky Marshal

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Sky Marshal is all about giving Bangalore a steampunk makeover, enhancing her original silhouette by removing the battle skirt and replacing it with a burgundy-shaded leather coat completed by a cream woolen lining. The Legendary skin’s focus on expensive materials gives the outfit an elegance that is reinforced by a gold trim given to every strap, button, and even her goggles. Her jump pack also features elements of polished wood if you weren’t already sold on the aristocratic 20th-century aesthetic. If the Outlands needs a handsome, dashing pilot, Sky Marshal Bangalore fits the bill.

This Legendary skin was available through the season five battle pass alongside Fool’s Gold Mirage. Sadly Respawn’s policy is that older battle pass skins will more than likely not see a future re-release, but lucky older players may find Sky Marshal sitting in their skins already if they were actively playing at the time.