The best Apex Legends teams from 2020

The best of the best.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s been a tumultuous year for esports in general, and Apex Legends isn’t exempt from the drawbacks that happened due to the global pandemic.

In an era of online-only competition, there were still several teams that stood head and shoulders above the others. The ALGS will be back on LAN soon, but sometimes you just have to play the hand you’re given.

Here are the best-performing Apex teams from 2020.


It’s impossible to talk about the best teams in Apex Legends without referencing TSM. This year was somewhat shaky at times due to the departure of Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith, but the addition of Eric “Snip3down” Wrona has TSM fans hopeful for the future.

While the core of Reps and ImperialHal remains together, TSM will have success. This is one of the most driven, dedicated teams in all of esports; they want to win and aren’t going to settle for being second best. This year hasn’t featured many top-tier competitions, but even during the weeks after Albralelie left, they had high placements.

As the pandemic wanes and LAN competitions return, look for TSM to defend the honor of North America in international tournaments.


Complexity have a treasure trove of talent and aggression, and specifically Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller is a top talent. The team didn’t have a great start to 2020, but has certainly finished strong in the ALGS Autumn Circuit, and took home second in the ALGS Summer Playoffs.

It’s tough to knock off TSM in terms of top teams in North America, but recent results show that Complexity is giving them a run for their money. TSM still have the pedigree argument, but if the current results hold, we could see a changing of the guard.


T1 are the most successful team in APAC North by a wide margin. They’ve taken home top placements in multiple tournaments, and if they weren’t first, they were nipping at the heels of the victors.

Again, it’s difficult to determine who the best teams of the year are in a setting where we have no international competition. But topping nearly everything APAC North has to offer can’t be excluded.


Alliance have been on an absolute tear in the back half of 2020, taking home the gold medal at PGL Showdown Europe and ALGS Autumn Circuit 4 Europe. The combination of Vaifs, hakis, and iPN-k0u look to be one of Europe’s best for some time to come.

Don’t let the recent results fool you—Alliance have consistently been one of Europe’s best teams throughout 2020. Their exceptionally strong end to the year certainly lands them on this list, though.


The addition of Dan “rpr” Ušić in January as North’s Wraith player was one of the best roster moves of the year. The squad has blossomed into one of EU’s best in the region, and should be strong in international play once it returns.

They won the GLL Masters Summer EMEA and a pair of ALGS Circuits: one in the Summer season, the other in the Autumn season.


They may not enjoy as much popularity as they did with Aceu on the roster, but the NRG roster of Frexs, Nafen, and rocker has shown serious promise. With a smattering of high showings across the board and incredible mechanical talent, NRG aren’t just a great 2020 team, they’re set up for the future.

Counter Logic Gaming

Since overhauling their roster, CLG has kept its winning ways. NiceWigg and Nokokopuffs were excellent players, but it’s not controversial to say that PowPow and Vaxlon are upgrades.

Additionally, ImMadness is one of the best players in the world. Combined with all the roster changes, this should be one of the best teams in the near future of Apex. Their recent success merits a spot on this list.