The 5 rarest Revenant skins in Apex Legends

"All these skinbags ready to die."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since his release in Apex Legends in February 2020, Revenant has been terrorizing fans of the battle royale.

What makes the legend unique is his assassin-like gameplay thanks to his passive and totem ultimate. He is also the second robot to join the game after Pathfinder, with a drastically different vibe.

He doesn’t have as many skins as the legends introduced at launch, but Respawn Entertainment still made him some cool-looking skins over the months.

Here are all of Revenant’s rarest skins in Apex Legends.

The Afterlife (Legendary)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Afterlife is the only legendary chromatic skin of Revenant.

Players must own the original version called Bird of Prey, which costs 1,200 crafting materials in the game’s menu, and buy this chromatic version in the shop for 6,500 Legend Tokens when it appears in rotation.

Relic of Death (Legendary)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This skin is rare because it was only available for the seasonal event Lost Treasures, which ran in the summer of 2020. It wasn’t part of the rewards for completing missions, but only could be earned through Apex packs, as well as for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 crafting materials.

Whereas this skin adds a unique touch to the character, featuring an Atlantis vibe, it’s not that popular since it stands out in the game, which isn’t best from a strategic perspective.

Deathproof (Legendary)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This skin is one of the rarest in the game because it was also featured in a limited-time event last October and had to be either bought for 1,800 Apex Coin or 2,400 crafting materials, or earned in Apex packs during the one-week event.

Sacred Divinity (Legendary)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Released in 2021, this skin will only become rarer over time since it was available for a limited time during the Fight Night event and had to be bought like both skins listed above.

It’s the white, gold, and purple version of Deathproof, which blends well in the latest map’s environment, Olympus.

Gilded Rose (Rare)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This red, gold, and black skin is very rare despite being free, because it was offered to Apex players who subscribed to Twitch Prime in February 2020. Although it’s only a blue-rarity skin, it features vibrant colors that make it stand out among other blue skins.