The 5 best Holo-Day Bash skins in Apex Legends

Show off your holiday spirit with five of Apex's best skins.

Apex Legends kicked off its second annual Holo-Day Bash event on Dec. 1, adding eight new skins and bringing back several of last year’s cosmetic items to the game’s store. It also reintroduced the Winter Express into rotation with a couple of changes to spruce up the game mode.

With this year’s Holo-Day Bash, each legend now has a festive skin to call their own. Although many of the game’s characters have a host of skins to choose from, players may opt for their favorite characters’ winter-inspired looks to celebrate the end-of-year holidays.

Here are Apex’s best Holo-Day Bash skins to celebrate the season in style.

Cool Operator Crypto (2020)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Not all of the best cosmetic items have to be legendary. While legendary skins often stand above the rest by changing character models, epic and rare skins can be just as flashy with animated patterns and well-correlated color schemes.

Cool Operator Crypto fits the bill for a great skin by capturing the holiday spirit while staying true to Crypto’s incognito persona. The skin features a frosted look with an icy blue and pearly white jacket, and Crypto’s neck and chest are seemingly painted with a silver and white snowflake-like design. Although it’s simple, this rare skin is a nice way to celebrate the holidays with a minimalistic design.

Those who want to partake in the festivities without breaking the bank can pick up Crypto’s Cool Operator look from the store in a bundle for 1,400 Apex Coins during the event’s first week of store rotations.

Brudda Bear Gibraltar (2019)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Brudda Bear Gibraltar is by far the Shielded Fortress’ most unique skin.

Released with the inaugural Holo-Day Bash event, this legendary look reimagines Gibraltar as a furry polar bear. He’s bundled up in a blue and red chevron-patterned scarf with a bow wrapped around his arm and a tiny Santa hat on top of his head. To round out the look, Gibraltar sports a red sled in place of his gun shield.

Gibraltar’s Brudda Bear skin returned to the store for the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event. It can be purchased in a bundle for 1,400 Apex Coins and will remain on sale until Dec. 10.

Frost Ancient Revenant (2020)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Revenant’s Holo-Day Bash skin may not be as cuddly as Gibraltar’s, but it’s sure to send chills down your spine. 

Frost Ancient Revenant redesigns the legend as if he was a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Overgrown branches stretch out across the legend’s shoulders and limbs and hold pockets of ice next to his chest. In this chilly look, Revenant wears a brown hood to match his body and a devilish crown of ice.

Apex fans can purchase Frost Ancient Revenant in a bundle for 2,500 Apex Coins until it leaves the store on Dec. 10.

Nutcracker Mirage (2019)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It was only fitting for the host of the Holo-Day Bash festivities to get his own skin—and a legendary one, at that.

Nutcracker Mirage features the Holographic Trickster in classic holiday soldier attire. He wears a red coat and white pants with a jet-black handlebar mustache. His rosy cheeks and tall hat tie the look together while staying true to his goofy personality Apex fans can’t help but love.

Mirage received his Nutcracker outfit in 2019 to celebrate Apex’s inaugural Holo-Day Bash event. The skin returned to the game’s shop this year in a bundle featuring an epic Mirage pose as well as a R-99 skin. Fans can purchase the bundle for 2,000 Apex Coins before it rotates out of the store next week.

Dasher Octane (2019)

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Dasher Octane is perhaps one of the best seasonal skins in Apex. It’s goofy, well-executed, and perfect for the holidays—what more could you ask for?

In this reindeer-themed look, the Adrenaline Junkie is dressed in a buckskin-colored costume equipped with a set of antlers, a red nose, and googly eyes. The costume matches his need for speed perfectly while fully embracing one of the most beloved Christmas traditions.

Octane fans can purchase the skin in a bundle when it goes on sale in Apex’s store on Dec. 10.