Storm Point creator previews map screen, all 17 POIs

Here's what it would look like if you could press M.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans just got another taste of the shooter’s next map. Storm Point creator Rodney Reece shared what the map looks like in-game, showing off how all of the 17 POIs line up to create Storm Point.

Cascade Falls is the centermost-marked POI around the map. The northeastern part of Storm Point is widely populated with spots such as Command Center, Storm Catcher, Thunder Watch, Highpoint, and Lightning Rod.

Image via Rodney Reece/Respawn Entertainment

Named POIs are more spread out on the southernmost part of the map. Launch Pad seems to be a colossal area taking up a lot of the southeast part of the map, while Cenote Cave has an important hold on the southeast portion of the map. Antenna, Barometer, and Ship Fall are the larger POIs in the south and will likely make the area a popular location.

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment gave fans a rundown of the 17 POIs in Storm Point and showed a few features coming in with the new map. Players can expect killer wildlife in the form of Prowlers and spiders and new Gravity Cannons that will replace most jump towers, and even more Tridents—all that in an area that’s 15 percent larger than World’s Edge.

Storm Point goes live when Apex‘s 11th season, Escape, debuts on Nov. 2. In addition to the new map, players can try the C.A.R. SMG and play as Ash, the killer simulacrum from Titanfall that first appeared in Apex during season five.