Sentinels’ pro Apex Legends players are the first to reach the rank of Apex Predator

It's only been a week since the release of season two.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

At the start of Apex Legends‘ long-awaited second season, Respawn Entertainment launched its new ranked mode. And now, three professional Apex players have already managed to reach the highest rank possible just one week after the ranked mode was launched.

Jared “zombs” Gitlin, Nathan “retzi” Telen, and Adam “senoxe” Lau are the first players to reach the rank of Apex Predator, which is the highest rank available to players in Apex’s ranked mode. All three players are on Sentinels, a North American esports team that was created in March.

These three players have hit the peak of ranked in only a week’s time, which has stunned many people in the Apex community. This also means that these three players have been playing Apex for elongated periods of time, factoring in possible losses and the number of Ranked Points (RP) gained per match.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Each Sentinels player would have needed to collect 1,000 RP in order to reach Apex Predator, and you collect a pretty small amount of RP every game if you have an optimal performance. You also lose some RP every time you queue up for a ranked match, which makes it even harder to rank that high this quickly.

You get 12 RP every time you’re a champion and one RP per kill, up to a maximum of 5 RP per game. You can get 2/4/7 RP, based on your positioning in the top 10, five, and three for squad play. Therefore, if the Sentinels played perfectly—got more than five kills, placed top three, and became Apex Champion—they’d get 24 RP from a game.

There are sure to be more Apex Predators in the coming weeks, but for now, Sentinels can say that they’re on the top of the mountain. They recently placed second at the second Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Elite Queue Challenge, but watch for them to make a bigger name for themselves at more tournaments throughout the year.