Seer leaves heartwarming message to his parents in Apex Legends teaser

“I wore your love like a veil. It kept me safe.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Seer left a heartwarming message to his parents in Apex Legends’ latest lore drop today. The teaser appeared on Twitter and gives fans a hint at how the love Seer’s parents had for him helped the legend overcome all odds—and a curse.

“For a very long time, fear surrounded me. From those who feared me, and my own fear about who I was,” Seer said. “But before I knew fear, I knew love. Your love.”

Seer tells his parents that their love helped protect a spark he had inside of him. “And now, that spark is a flame, roaring and proud,” he said. The legend made it, from the underground Arenas to the big stage of the Apex Games, “an icon of the shunned, the unaccepted, and the unabashedly original,” according to his official bio.

Seer’s parents have been extremely supportive of their son across different pieces of media. They “loved him unconditionally because they saw the true empathic, creative soul of their son,” his bio reads, and even supported him in his journey in Arenas. His Metamorphosis short also shows his mother teaching him to dance and his father helping him build his micro-drones.

Another more obscure example of the love Seer’s parents had for him lies in the “Disciplinary Action” season 10 loading screen. The text is an exchange between Mrs. and Mr. Edolasim and the principal of Seer’s school, who said Seer was “distracting” other children.

“If you expected us to say sorry, that we would tell Obi to be less sensitive, less beautiful, or less courageous, you will be sorely disappointed,” the letter reads. “The only thing we’re sorry for is not saying this sooner: you, Mr. Okereke, and your whole class, are a pack of fools, and fools cannot suffer the truly great without shame, embarrassment, and fear—none of which will stifle my son any further.”

Seer’s parents also appeared briefly in an audio log teaser for his final match in Arenas. The two are “tearing up” after their son wins the match, according to the narration.

Although the lore teaser likely has no significant ramifications for the big-picture lore in Apex, writers have been experimenting with radio plays lately. In addition to using them as a resource for telling the story in the previous season, they can offer valuable insight into the legends, like Valkyrie’s eulogy to her father.