Respawn scales back circle damage in Apex’s Elite Queue

Elite Queue ends on July 2.

Apex Legends looting strats
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In response to player feedback, Respawn Entertainment scaled back the circle’s damage in Apex Legends’ Elite Queue today.

The first circle will dish out damage equal to 7 percent of a player’s max health per tick. After that, the second circle will do 15 percent damage per tick, followed by 20 percent damage per tick for the third circle. Every ring after that will do 25 percent damage per tick.

After the Elite Queue released alongside Apex Legends’ first two-week event last week, the Legendary Hunt, players began taking advantage of the circle’s low damage output by camping outside of the ring and healing from any over-time damage as their enemies dueled it out within the battle zone.

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In response, Respawn Entertainment pushed a fix earlier this week that drastically increased the damage of the circle, but not everyone took too well to the changes. Players began expressing their concerns on social media that they were often forced to give up loot or ranged fights due to incoming circles that would halve their health bars.

Now, however, today’s changes should give players more lenience when looting while still preventing players from camping outside of the ring. Fans of the game can continue to test their skills with Apex‘s new Elite Queue until the game mode leaves live servers on July 2.