Respawn rolls back aim assist values after accidental Escape change

Console aim assist had the same value as PC after Escape dropped.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Console players who felt their aim assist was off in Apex Legends since the new update were right. Respawn accidentally toned down aim assist on console to the same level as PC, according to an official statement, but developers have rolled back the changes and the feature is working as intended.

The launch of Apex‘s latest season, Escape, “unintentionally set” the aim assist on console to the same value as on PC. Players spotted the difference and wondered on social media if the feature received a nerf.

Aim assist is a feature that makes the crosshairs drag towards their target, making it easier to aim. The feature isn’t unique to Apex—it’s a core part of several first-person shooters, and its design should offset the advantages that mouse and keyboard players have over console players.

Aim assist in Apex operates under two different values. Console players have the internal aim assist set to “0.6” in the game files, a value that defines the strength of the sticky reticle effect. If you’re playing on a controller on PC, you’ll get a watered-down version of aim assist, set to “0.4,” which is far less than it would be on console.

The update paired aim assist values on PC and consoles, taking away some of the aim assist for console players. Respawn has restored its functionality, however, meaning players should have their old values back.

Input methods and aim assist are a heated topic in Apex. Controller players are at a disadvantage on movement and looting, especially when looking through death boxes. Mouse and keyboard is also generally easier to aim than a controller. Aim assist means to strike a balance between the two and level the playing field, although the strength of aim assist in Apex is a controversial topic.