Respawn pushes Fight Night event forward to start at 12pm CT today

The brawl begins early.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Fight Night event is coming in early—at 12pm CT on the dot. Respawn has pushed the starting time of the event forward to its usual schedule, according to its website, instead of launching it at 10pm CT as advertised when the news for the event first dropped.

Respawn revealed the Fight Night Collection Event with a blog post on Jan. 1. The post contained all the upcoming additions, including new cosmetics and patch notes, and said the event would drop on the night of Jan. 5. The studio, however, has since reverted the deployment time for the patch.

Fight Night is bringing a series of new changes to the battle royale. The event is adding an Airdrop Escalation game type takeover and a new collection—complete with Gibraltar's heirloom set.

The Airdrop Escalation game mode will contain considerably more supply drops and more will land during each round. The packages contain fully-kitted weapons that improve in quality as the match goes by. From round four onward, players will be able to find “red armor and crate weapons,” according to the official website.

Airdrop Escalation isn't a limited-time mode, however. It's a “takeover” of the casual game mode. This means that whenever players queue up for a non-competitive match, they'll start a game of Airdrop Escalation.

In addition to the new game type, players can purchase the new Fight Night collection, which includes exclusive skins for a slew of legends, such as Loba, Revenant, Mirage, and Pathfinder. The Forward Scout's skin is a nod to his outfit in the latest episode of Stories from the Outlands and likely contains a special character select animation.

Fight Night lands in just a few hours at 12pm CT on Jan. 5.