Respawn pushes a fix for Apex Legends’ hit registration issues

No more no-reg.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are free to shoot each other again after the latest hotfix. Respawn pushed a late-night patch to solve the battle royale’s frustrating hit registration issues that surfaced following the launch of season five.

“Last night we pushed out a patch to address the remaining issues with hit registration,” a tweet by the official Apex account reads. “Those issues should now be resolved.” The fix was deployed around 10pm CT based on a tweet by Respawn producer Josh Medina.

Hit registration issues used to be a rare occurrence in Apex but they became a common part of the battle royale in its latest season. When a hit doesn’t register, the game displays all the telltale signs of a direct shot except the damage indicator, which means that players can see the blood coming out of the enemy and hear the trademark sound when a target is hit. But the shots don’t inflict any damage.

Experiencing an issue with hit registration can be frustrating since it punishes players who successfully hit their marks. In less intense occasions, it can mean that a couple of shots are wasted. But in more extreme cases, players can empty most of a Spitfire clip into a target and still inflict no damage.

This isn’t the first time Respawn has tried to address the problem recently. The company pushed an earlier fix for hit registration issues on May 14, two days after season five launched, but the solution was still incomplete. The latest patch should solve the issue for good.