Respawn pushes partial fix for Apex Legends bug causing game crashes on PS4

The bug was the result of a pesky Lifeline banner.

Apex Legends Weapon Combo List
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment released a minor hotfix for Apex Legends on the PlayStation 4 servers hours after a bug caused players’ games to crash.

The Apex developers pushed a minor patch to PS4 live servers yesterday to update the PS+ skin rewards in the PlayStation store. After downloading the update, however, many PlayStation users began encountering a bug that caused their game to freeze on the character selection screen—even sometimes resulting in a blue screen or a full game crash.

Additionally, many users reported issues with the game’s sound effects, resulting in the audio levels dropping in certain areas of the map where the hot zone was located.

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Respawn has since identified the crashes as a result of a bug with Lifeline’s “Pick Me Up” banner frame. The unlockable would try to call up a non-existent file, and when players interacted with the banner in the customization menus, intro, or in-game lobbies, their games would freeze or crash.

The Apex developer has since released a partial fix by disabling the banner. Respawn will continue to look into further addressing the issues. Users may still encounter crashes when unlocking or equipping the banner in the meantime.