Respawn makes some legendary Apex Legends skins affordable with new 50 percent off sale

It's a step in the right direction for many Apex fans.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is getting some praise from the Apex Legends community after cutting the price of several expensive in-game store items in half. Some legendary weapons—usually priced at 1,800 Apex coins or around $20—were put on sale for around 900 Apex coins.

Although Apex fans agree that this price cut is a step in the right direction, they still think that 900 Apex coins is far too expensive for a weapon skin. Many people in the community are also critical about overpriced character skins because you barely get to see the cosmetic in-game.

“Yup, first step—albeit a small one—in the right direction,” one fan said. “I mean, sales should speak for themselves. If the 1,800 skins are selling well, they won’t be changing anything. That’s why I’m not buying anything except seasonal BPs, as the amount of money spent vs. rewards you’re getting is so much better there.”

In comparison, we could look at League of Legends skin pricing. Even though this is in a different game genre, the price for a decently-made skin is miles cheaper than the skins in Apex. A legendary skin in League costs 1,820 RP or $14, for example. The skin, however, is a complete reimagining of the champion from the ground up, including a new model, textures, splash image, animations, visuals, voice over, and sounds.

It makes sense that Apex players don’t think that skins in the game are worth the price. But maybe Respawn will continue to lower the price of skins so that more of the player base will be able to afford them.