Respawn introduces weekly Apex Legends bundles starting with Wraith cosmetics

The offer ends Wednesday.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends fans, get your wallets ready.

Respawn announced a new bundle system today that will rotate into the store weekly, allowing fans to snag a set of cosmetics for a significant discount. This week’s Out of the Void bundle is specific to Wraith, offering a legendary skin for the character as well as a weapon skin and two gun charms. Wraith mains have until May 20 at 9pm CT to pick up the bundle.

Out of the Void includes the legendary Liberator Wraith and Life Saver Kraber skins. The legendary Bobblehead Wraith and epic Voidwalker Helmet weapon charms are also offered. The typical cost of all four items is 4,800 Apex coins. But the bundle cuts it down by 35 percent, bringing the grand total to 3,120 coins.

With today marking the start of the system, players can likely expect a different legend-specific bundle next week.

While the discounted rate is certainly appreciated, some players are asking for bundles to include new cosmetics. This would definitely offer more of an incentive for fans to spend money, too. Launching new cosmetic lines in bundles is frequently done by other titles, like League of Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It’s unclear if Respawn will adopt this method with future Apex skins.