Respawn developer seemingly teases new Apex Legends character

The developer gave a behind-the-scenes look at the animation process.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Despite getting Wattson with the launch of Apex Legends season two, fans are expecting a new legend to play on Kings Canyon. And it might come sooner than we think.

Respawn developer Tina Sanchez tweeted a picture of herself wearing an outfit covered with sensors while holding what appears to be a cane. And based on a follow-up tweet, many fans believe Sanchez could be teasing the next legend coming to Apex.

Sanchez commented that she was working on Apex stuff and tagged two of Respawn’s animators. It appears that Sanchez is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the 3D animation process and how new Apex characters are created.

One person asked if the legend she’s modeling for is Crypto, who fans expect to be the next addition to the Apex roster. Sanchez’s only response to that was an emoji of a face with no mouth, possibly hinting that Crypto may be on the horizon.

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The cane Sanchez is holding provides another indicator that the teased legend may be Crypto. All teased pictures of Crypto include him with a sword strapped to his back, and one data miner even found a file named “DEATH_SWORD.” Presumably, Sanchez may have modeled animations for Crypto’s abilities while using the cane as a sword.

Image via u/Dremurer

With Electronic Arts teasing a major Apex event in its 2020 earnings call scheduled for mid-August, Respawn, along with Crypto, might finally give the fans what they’re asking for.

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