Respawn decreases Mastiff spawn rates in today’s Apex Legends mini-update

Bad news for Mastiff lovers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Today’s small Apex Legends update might make the Mastiff even more of a hot commodity.

Respawn is lowering Mastiff spawn rates in today’s mini-update, according to the Apex Twitter. This change will make it harder for players to get their hands on the shotgun and make more room for other weapons.

The Mastiff was initially a care package weapon, making it rare to come by for shotgun enthusiasts. But the season five patch turned it into a regular weapon, rotating the Peacekeeper into the care package instead. Despite having its damage per pellet, headshot multiplier, fire rate, and projectile size decreased, the Mastiff is still tearing up Kings Canyon.

But some fans think its horizontal bullet spread makes it inconsistent. The Peacekeeper was a popular choice last season, being a go-to weapon in competitive play. To combat that, Respawn decided to make the shotgun a care package weapon. This has caused mixed reviews from the community, who feel like nerfing the Peacekeeper would’ve been a better alternative.

Today’s small fix should also properly update the text on Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, which now has a 12-second duration.