Respawn confirms there won’t be a new weapon in Apex Legends season 5

This season will be the game's first without a new weapon—and fans aren't exactly happy about it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends season five will bring plenty of changes to the game, as is Respawn’s custom from season to season. One noticeable difference this season, though, will be something that isn’t changing—namely, the roster of weapons to choose from. No new gun will be added in Apex season five, according to the developers.

Traditionally, Apex has added a new weapon to the game with each passing season. The Havoc assault rifle appeared just prior to season one, while the L-STAR light machine gun and two sniper rifles—the Charge Rifle and Sentinel—were all rolled out at the beginning of each subsequent new season. The new weapons were nice ways to shake up the game’s meta and give players more options. Season five, however, won’t have a new weapon introduction, according to Respawn designer Chad Armstrong.

Many players speculated that Respawn might add a new submachine gun to the game, such as the Volt SMG from Titanfall. But it looks like the developers instead focused on big changes to the Kings Canyon map and the addition of a PvE Season Quest, entitled “The Broken Ghost,” instead of adding any new weapons to the game. 

The player response to Armstrong’s tweet hasn’t been incredibly positive, however. Many people assumed Apex was guaranteed to get a new weapon every season. Some fans are already saying season five looks like the worst season of Apex yet without any new weapon to try out. With the addition of an entirely new season-long game mode, however, it’s unclear if not having a new weapon will truly ruin everything.

You can drop in and find out for yourself when season five is released on May 12.