Potential Apex bug causes Gibraltar’s bullets not to register when firing and releasing Gun Shield at the same time

Not cool, brudda.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar mains might be aggravated with the latest Apex Legends bug.

One Apex player discovered that firing a bullet while simultaneously releasing your Gun Shield causes the hit not to register, posting a video today. Dot Esports tested this out in the Firing Range and found similar results. It’s possible that the bug may not appear in player-vs-player matchmaking, however.

When shooting at the same time as releasing your ADS, the gun still makes a sound and a bullet is spent. You can also see the shot hitting the enemy’s armor. But no damage is registered.

The bug seems to be specific to Gibraltar since he’s the only legend with the Gun Shield passive. Some players claim it appears on other legends as well, but Dot Esports didn’t find the same issue on other characters.

If this is legend-specific, Gibraltar mains would certainly be at a disadvantage. Since the Gun Shield is a big part of the legend’s kit, having your bullets not register would undermine the point of using it. But reproducing the bug requires you to shoot and let go of your ADS at the same time, which means the no-reg likely won’t happen in every encounter.

If Respawn determines this to be a game-breaking bug, the devs will likely fix it in an upcoming patch.