Players can fly in Apex Legends using Crypto and Pathfinder

Pathfinder has become incredibly useful with the help of Crypto.

Apex Legends cheater problem
Image via Respawn Entertainment

From flying across trains to getting speed boosted, Pathfinder has some incredible abilities on the new Apex Legends map. But now he can fly with the help of the new legend, Crypto

To fly around the map, players need to first launch Crypto’s Surveillance Drone into the air, ensuring that it’s in an open space and not secluded under a building or inside a cave. Next, Pathfinder needs to use his Grappling Hook (Q) ability to latch onto the Drone. After the Drone starts flying in the air, Pathfinder will also fly, as long as you hold on. 

The Pathfinder player needs to hold on to the ability button, otherwise they’ll fall. Similarly, if Crypto’s Drone is flown over 240 meters away from him, it’ll be automatically recalled and Pathfinder will have a long drop. 

Although this ability may be powerful, it does come with its drawbacks. Since Crypto is stationary when he uses the Drone, it won’t be useful during the late game when players have to keep moving. This combination should be prioritized in the early to mid game to give players a wide field of view and potentially spot enemies rotating into the next circle. 

Considering this combination of abilities was most likely non-intentional and it’s extremely overpowered, players can expect this to be patched relatively soon.