Pathfinder’s voice actor unlocked his character’s Heirloom in Apex Legends

The iconic voice actor received a nice surprise.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Voice actor Chris Edgerly, who provides the iconic voice for Apex Legends’ Pathfinder, recently played a few games of the popular battle royale and managed to unlock his character’s Heirloom set—and he improvised a few lines while in character, too.

Edgerly was playing Apex last night when he unlocked a couple of Apex packs. He opened the first pack expecting various skins or cosmetics but was surprised to see Heirloom Shards instead. These shards are used to unlock Heirlooms for various characters, including Pathfinder.

Edgerly wasted no time and immediately unlocked Pathfinder’s boxing gloves.

After Edgerly and his squad joined another match, the voice actor took a second to admire the boxing gloves and even improvised a few new lines for Pathfinder.

“Say, these are pretty sweet,” Edgerly said. “Thanks, Respawn, let me give em a try. Oh, here are the twins, Romeo and Julio.”

Fans have agreed that the boxing gloves are now known as Romeo and Julio even if it’s not officially canon. Pathfinder also punched Bloodhound’s raven during the animation and Edgerly kindly asked fans not to tell the mysterious character about the situation.

Edgerly has been active in the Apex community since the game’s release. Earlier this year, he played a few games with Mirage’s voice actor Roger Craig Smith and has interviewed other voice actors featured in Apex.

Fans enjoy the behind-the-scenes content Edgerly provides and were happy to see Pathfinder’s voice actor unlock one of the rarest items in the game.