New skins for Pathfinder and the Devotion highlight this month’s Apex Legends Prime Gaming loot

Link your Twitch account to grab some free stuff.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

January 2022’s new Apex Legends loot drop for Prime Gaming is now live and it should make Pathfinder mains quite happy.

The free loot pack includes the Core Crafted skin for Pathfinder, the Magma Core skin for the Devotion LMG, and the Iron Forged banner frame for Pathfinder. It will be available for the next month or so until the following drop becomes available.

Screengrab via Prime Gaming

Players can nab the loot simply by linking their Prime Gaming account to their EA accounts via Amazon Prime, the subscription service offered by the giant retailer.

This is the latest in a long line of free Apex skins offered via Prime Gaming. The partnership between EA and Amazon has given players many new looks for their favorite legends throughout the past couple of years and the deals look to continue into 2022.

The Prime Gaming page for Apex currently shows 11 more offers in the works, meaning that each month through the rest of the year will contain an Apex drop. The drops in the past have also included skins for new legends, including one for Ash when she was released, so the game’s next new character should have their own as well.

All of the loot can be found on the Apex page on Prime Gaming.