New Apex Lifeline bug allows players to heal outside of drone’s radius

This lifeline bug is incredibly useful.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A useful bug has been found in Apex Legends that allows players to heal from Lifeline’s drone even when they’re outside of its radius, causing players to regenerate health from any vicinity. 

Lifeline is the game’s combat medic. Her drone is used to heal players who are standing close to it. It can be used by multiple players at once, making it one of the most useful abilities in the game. 

The drone uses small cables to attach to the players and heal them. If a player moves away from the drone, it won’t heal them because the cable will be broken. 

But this recently-discovered bug allows players to travel anywhere and still receive healing. It could be triggered when one player is using the drone, then a teammate takes their place and starts healing manually. This causes both players to receive healing. 

In the video posted on Reddit about this bug, a player is seen running away from the drone but they’re still regenerating health even though they’ve exited the drone’s vicinity. 

This bug could be extremely useful in the late game. It could be triggered when a player is under fire and needs to move away from the drone. Players move slowly when they’re manually healing, so being able to move at full speed while being healed is incredibly effective. 

Since this bug isn’t the intended usage of Lifeline’s drone, fans can expect Respawn to patch it soon, however.