New Apex Legends teasers suggest big changes coming to Storm Point map soon

Something is shaking things up on the tropical island...

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 13 of Apex Legends is just around the corner. A new season always means a new legend and—most of the time—a new weapon or map. But it’s also teaser season and, alongside the Unshackled thematic event, a couple of new ones made their way to Storm Point. And they suggest some big changes are coming to the map.

First and foremost, the biggest teaser, literally: the leviathans that had appeared in the water on the edge of Storm Point, to the northwest of North Pad, are gone. In their place, two massive skeletons now rise from the ocean. Players can also hear a massive, strange rumbling when they load into a Storm Point match, accompanied by a shaking screen focused on one of the leviathan skeletons.

There’s always a bigger fish, as the saying goes, and this teaser seems to indicate there will be some sort of confrontation with a giant sea monster that leads to the major map change on Storm Point in season 13. Previous leaks of an internal build of Apex showed a new point of interest to the west of The Mill, just south of where the leviathans had taken up residence on Storm Point. The new POI features a massive creature that players can actually go inside of.

While this leak was clearly still in development and could change prior to season 13, the previous teasers the official Apex Twitter account released seem to confirm there is something lurking in the deep water outside of Storm Point, at the very least. And those leviathan skeletons didn’t come from thin air.

This wasn’t the only teaser to hit Storm Point with the Unshackled event, however. The screens at the top of the Command Center now come with an interact button, and when activated display the IMC logo, followed by a series of commands and codes.

The screens indicate a threat has been detected, while a “weapons cache” is deploying, as well as “cargo” being initiated alongside some sort of cargo defense system. These hints, alongside the conspicuous picture above the IMC logo, seem to confirm a few things dataminers found in the game files a couple of weeks ago.

Trusted dataminer Shrugtal previously found support added to the game for both smart lootbins and Spectres. The smart lootbins seem to be pictured on the screen to the right, and should provide loot for players based on the loadouts they already have in their inventory. 

Spectres are even more interesting, and tie heavily into the Titanfall universe. They are essentially types of MRVN robots that have been outfitted specifically for combat. They were developed by Hammond Robotics for the IMC, and serve as both friendly and enemy NPCs in both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Other content creators have gone further with the teaser—KralRindo deciphered what the hex code on the screens could stand for.

“BRD-01” is the model number of the Spectre units, which seems to further confirm they will have some role to play in season 13 of Apex Legends. It’s quite possible the Spectre units are mobilized as a response to the threat of giant sea monsters off the coast of Storm Point, or possibly the Spectres themselves are the defense system indicated in the screens for the smart lootbins and weapons caches, which seem to be pictured in the middle and left screens of the Command Center teaser.

Ultimately, it seems like Storm Point will be seeing quite a few big changes in the upcoming season, both in the map scenery and in the mechanics of the game itself. How that all comes together on the map will most likely be revealed in the coming weeks, as Respawn begins to roll out trailers and other promotional material for the new season.

Season 12 of Apex Legends ends on Tuesday, May 10. If Respawn keeps to its usual schedule, season 13 of the battle royale should launch on the same day.