New Apex Legends glitch allows Pathfinder to suppress weapons

It seems silenced weapons finally made it to the battle royale.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ firing range got a huge update recently, allowing players to experiment with different weapons, attachments, and characters. One fan put the training grounds to good use, discovering a unique Pathfinder glitch that may come in handy on World’s Edge.

The player came across a bug that allows Pathfinder to suppress a weapon when grappling immediately after taking a shot. The player posted it on Reddit yesterday to alert Respawn devs and inform the community.

“Shoot, then use your grapple immediately after you shoot,” the player said. “You will see the targets taking damage but with only hearing the ambient gunshot sounds this mean you are doing it correctly.”

The player also gave the community an in-depth look at what the glitch looks like from someone else’s perspective. The only sound emitting from Pathfinder is the grapple being launched, while the gunshots appear to be silent while still hitting their mark.

This would be beneficial to teams looking to pick off enemies on rotation while avoiding the infamous third-party chaos. And because there are no suppression attachments in the battle royale yet, this could give Pathfinders an unfair advantage.

There are a few caveats to this bug, however. The weapons that the bug works on are limited to automatic and mid-range weapons, such as the R-99, R-301, or the Spitfire. Pausing your fire to grapple and single-shot an automatic weapon doesn’t seem to be efficient in an open field shootout.

Unfortunately for snipers, the glitch doesn’t work with long-range guns like the Kraber, Longbow, and Scout. Being able to suppress snipers would be extremely overpowered because you’d only need two to three shots to take out an opponent.

And even though the gunshots don’t reverberate across the map, Pathfinder’s grappling hook certainly does. Enemies close enough would still be able to hear the robot even with the fire suppressed.

Grappling while aiming at a target from a long distance may also be distracting in a game that rewards players for quick thinking and consistent gunplay.

Respawn hasn’t addressed this glitch yet. But if it begins to adversely affect matchmaking, it’ll likely be patched out in the next update.