New Apex Legends bug reportedly prevents Battle Pass from leveling up

Respawn devs addressed the issue.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The new season of Apex Legends, Meltdown, has been a huge success so far. Fans are enjoying all the new content including a new map, legend, weapon, and Battle Pass. Bugs, however, aren’t quite as well received.

Apex players are complaining of a new bug that seems to stop the progression of season three’s Battle Pass. The battle royale’s subreddit blew up yesterday with fans worried that all of their playtime and experience was going to waste.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

“I don’t know how but I am getting no progress after the game – it basically rolls back every game,” one worried fan said. “These are three screenshots taken exactly how they went from first to last. I ended up at the same level and with less XP than the previous one.”

The player’s screengrabs show that they actually lost Battle Pass progress as they continued to play.

Respawn senior game designer Carlos Pineda responded to the player, explaining that the bug is likely just a display issue.

“This looks to be purely a display issue,” Pineda said. “The XP/star display in post game screen is fully unreliable at this point. To see your actual XP/star progress, check the ‘see all challenges’ menu… I have this fixed locally now, and we will be pushing to QA and then patch but I can’t say when because that’s not my call.”

Although the bug is concerning, Respawn developers assure fans that they’re still gaining experience “behind the scenes.” The issue should be fixed in the next Apex patch.