New Apex Legends bug involving Respawn Beacons is frustrating players

Respawning teammates has never been so random.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Despite the great changes that came in Apex Legends’ season two, certain bugs continue to affect the gaming experience. This new glitch takes players on a frustratingly spontaneous journey.

One Apex player shared the bug on Reddit today, which shows the ship from a Respawn Beacon dropping them off at the wrong location.

In the video, the player is being respawned by their teammate in the compound north of Hydro Dam, commonly referred to as the Shattered Forest. Rather than being dropped off there, however, the ship drops the player off on the other side of the mountain.

Although the glitch occurred on the Xbox One, other players commented on the thread claiming it happened to them on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Community coordinator Garza created a ticket on Respawn’s dev tracker, a Trello page updated weekly with the community’s concerns, for the random respawning bug today. A possible fix for the bug should be addressed in a future patch.

This isn’t the only bug plaguing Respawn’s battle royale, however. Fans have been complaining about the “floor is lava” bug, which registers players as out of bounds and asks them to return to the battle within 30 seconds.

The bug stops when players jump in the air, but it resets the timer when landing back down. And, as seen in the video, when the timer reaches zero, players die immediately.

Garza addressed the “out of bounds” issue on Respawn’s dev tracker. “We are rolling out improvements to this system with the next patch that we think will address this issue,” Garza said.

Another common bug is when the supply ship is in motion, anything on board is liable to slide right off.

In a video, one player threw a thermite grenade at an enemy. But because the ship was moving, the fire moves along with it and burns the player instead. Similarly, an eliminated player’s death box and Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone will also slide off a moving supply ship.

This concern has been frustrating Apex players for months, but its absence on the dev tracker suggests that no fix is coming in the foreseeable future.