Loba and Revenant may have in-game interactions in Apex Legends

The bitter enmity between the two may make an appearance inside the game.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Loba’s thirst for revenge against Revenant is one of her main motivations—and Apex Legends gameplay may reflect her drive. The two characters could get in-game interactions, according to game writer Tom Casiello.

Casiello hinted that the bitter rivals could have specific quips directed at each other in a video interview with YouTuber Staycation.

Staycation asked if there would be “special quips” between the pair. Casiello said that the writing team has been “working tirelessly for the last few months so that your experience playing Revenant and Loba is as authentic as it possibly can be.”

Data miner Shrugtal uncovered a list of character interactions in the game files. “These are voicelines that trigger only when another legend is on the same squad,” he said. “Like Revenant being revived by Loba, or Mirage shooting down a cargo bot and teasing Pathfinder about it.

The list mentions a wealth of interactions between several characters, including Loba and Revenant. Octane and Lifeline will reportedly interact with each other due to their preexisting relationship. The Adrenaline Junkie’s special leg implants were designed by Lifeline and they’re close friends.

Custom interactions present another in-game way to dive into the wealth of details in Apex‘s universe. Special voice lines between Wattson and Caustic would highlight the quasi-paternal relationship between the two and evidence that Alexander Nox, in spite of his violent ways, has an unusual fondness for her.

Special interactions could debut during Apex‘s fifth season, Fortune’s Favor, scheduled to release on May 12. The new season will officially introduce Loba to the roster and could bring a map update to Kings Canyon.