How to maximize Lifeline’s care package loot

One fan figured out the secret to the medic’s seemingly random ultimate.

Many Apex Legends fans may think that Lifeline’s care package drops randomized loot. One fan, however, figured out the secret to looting success.

One player enlightened the community in a Reddit post about exactly how Lifeline’s ultimate ability works.

Essentially, the medic’s care package has three doors, with each one consisting of items from a specific loot list. “When Lifeline uses her ult, the care package will always drop with Door 1 in front of the spot where she used her ult,” the fan says. “If Lifeline loots Door 1, she will find either weapon attachments, the backpack or the knockdown shield.”

The player added that the second door only holds healing items, such as a Med-kit, Shield Battery or Phoenix kit. The third door holds a level three body armor, helmet or knockdown shield.

Image via u/Ringo308

Though the item from each door is random, Lifeline mains can assess which type of loot they want and prioritize that before teammates can get their greedy fingers on your gear.

Another fan revealed more tips in a separate Reddit post. Wraith’s portal, for example, will close when her next ultimate ability is charged to 38 percent. Also, a Wingman and Longbow can shoot doors open if you aim at the handle, and if you walk while aiming down sight, enemies cannot hear your footsteps.

It seems there are fans that prove not all heroes wear level three body armor.