Kings Canyon returns to Apex Legends’ ranked playlist after midseason split

Respawn also introduced a soft reset.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends launched in Kings Canyon and the battle royale is making a return to the original map for the second half of Ranked Series 3. Competitive matches will no longer take place on World’s Edge as part of the midseason split.

Players can already dive into the season two version of Kings Canyon as part of the new ranked split that started today. The map differs from its original version with new areas such as Containment and The Cage, as well as the destruction of Cascades. The Singh Labs also make a guest appearance, hailing from Wraith’s Town Takeover during the Voidwalker event.

The map changes only affect ranked modes. Casual matches can still take place on the season four version of World’s Edge. The discrepancy between the two maps in rotation causes ranked matches to play out on Kings Canyon but doesn’t give players room to practice the map.

Kings Canyon made plenty of short-lived appearances in its downtime. After hosting the Shadowfall limited-time mode last October, the map was playable as part of the Grand Soirée in January and limited-time events in February and March.

The midseason split also inflicted a soft reset on ranks, which dropped by one and a half tiers. Players will have to grind their RP back and re-earn a spot in the higher ranks—with the promise of extra prizes for those who do.

Ranked Series 3 rewards will take into account the highest rank tier achieved in the entire season, regardless of split. But players who reach the same tier in the two halves of the series will get exclusive animated badges, according to Respawn.

Ranked Series 3 ends alongside Apex’s fourth season on May 5, following its scheduled duration of three months. Players have until then to grind their rank back.