KFC tries and fails to meme about Apex Legends updates— developer responds

Silence, brand.

Image via EA

KFC—yes, the fast food restaurant—has joined the vocal community of Apex Legends fans who want more content and updates for the game. The fried chicken fast food company’s gaming account posted a meme making fun of the lack of any new content for Apex.

The tweet featured an illustration of a character literally poking Apex Legends with a stick. “C’mon, do something,” the caption reads. The tweet didn’t exactly get the best reception. The Apex community showed up and the comments are filled with the same “Silence, brand” picture over and over. But the fans weren’t the only ones to respond.

Developer Rayme Vinson from Respawn Entertainment responded, too, in a sub-tweet. Vinson poked fun at KFC Gaming while also explaining why Respawn is taking so long to update Apex with new content.

“Dearest brand. We’ve got tons of stuff coming, but it takes a little time,” Vinson said. “We can’t hyper-fry or flash-flambe or crunch-inject or whatever it is you do to your tasty fried birdflesh. This gameplay is hand-crafted using old-world techniques. Eat some chicken, we’ll see you soon.”

This wasn’t the only time KFC took jabs at Apex either. The account followed up later with another tweet of the names James Charles—a model who lost three million followers—and EA shaking hands because they both have a declining fan base.

Apex had its first update in almost a month last week, but it was only for fixing some issues on PS4. On the bright side, EA teased that we will see season two at E3 next month.