How to register for Apex Legends Global Series year 3

Here's your chance to go pro.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment recently announced what every fan has been waiting for: details about registration for year three of the Apex Legends Global Series. Also known as the ALGS, this esports league gives both professional players and amateur teams the opportunity to win fame, glory, and a really, really big trophy on their way to becoming the best of the best.

If you aren’t a professional player but you’re interested in competing, Respawn has opened a registration portal for those looking to participate starting this fall and going all the way into next summer. The winning squad will take home $2 million and will be known as the best Apex team in the world, so the competition will be stiff.

If you think your squad has what it takes, here’s how to register for year three of the Apex Legends Global Series.

How to register for Apex Legends Global Series year three

Before you jump into the registration, it’s a good idea to read the official ALGS year three blog post that details all of the requirements for participation. There are a few important points to note: in order to participate, everyone in your squad will need to be ranked at least Silver IV or higher, which shouldn’t be an issue for coordinated groups. Players participating in the Pro League will need to play on PC via Steam rather than on console or through Origin, but that shouldn’t affect most amateur teams.

Once you’ve read up on the tournament’s format and its entry requirements, follow the link here to the official registration page. Click the big red button that says “Register Now” to get started. The page will then prompt you to log into your EA account. You must turn on two-factor authentication to register after logging in with any of the listed platforms, like Steam.

After logging in, you’ll be brought to a page that asks for your information, including country of residence, date of birth, and more. Once you put in that information, you’ll be asked to review your information for accuracy and agree to the official ALGS rules, which are listed in PDF form on the page for your convenience. Once you check the agree box and ensure your information is correct, you can submit your registration and join up. Further details will likely be sent to those who join, including information about the Challenger Circuit and future tournament dates.

Good luck, legends!