How to play Seer in Apex Legends

Here are a few tips and tricks to mastering the Ambush Artist.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends season means a new playable character. The battle royale officially welcomed its 18th legend to the game today with the launch of season 10, Emergence. Seer, the Ambush Artist, offers fans a new recon-style of play and a host of flashy abilities.

Seer tracks his enemies’ heartbeats and uses a fleet of micro-drones to his advantage to scout out their locations. He can interrupt enemies’ actions with his tactical and his ultimate serves as a way for teams to control an area during a gunfight.

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Here’s how to play Seer in Apex.


Passive: Heart Seeker

Seer can hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within a 75-meter distance when aiming down sights. This passive also works even if Seer doesn’t have a weapon equipped.

  • This ability can be toggled on and off, like Gibraltar’s gun shield

Tactical: Focus of Attention

For his tactical, Seer deploys a tunnel-shaped swarm of micro-drones that emit a delayed blast after a brief pause. The blast does 10 damage and interrupts opponents’ actions, including revives, legend abilities, and the use of items. Enemies caught in the blast also have their health bars revealed for eight seconds.

  • Deals 10 damage
  • Interrupts enemy actions
  • Reveals enemy health bars for eight seconds

Ultimate: Exhibit

Seer throws out a device—similar to what Horizon throws for her Gravity Lift—that creates a dome of micro-drones and reveals the location of enemies moving quickly or firing weapons within the large area of effect (AoE). It also identifies the number of enemies within the sphere and shows this number on the player’s HUD. It doesn’t detect enemies who are crouching or in the air, however. The sphere has 135 health and can be destroyed by opponents.

  • Large AoE that lasts roughly 30 seconds
  • Can be destroyed by opponents
  • Reveals location of enemies that are moving quickly or firing weapons in the AoE


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Seer offers a recon playstyle that grants teams advantages in the heat of a firefight, similar to Bloodhound. But unlike the Technological Tracker, Seer’s unique arsenal of enemy-locating abilities must be placed tactfully. Even though the range on Seer’s ultimate is quite large, his tactical’s AoE is rather narrow and only extends in the direction you place it. Enemies can escape the tactical’s blast if they’re not located in the center of the effect, so try to cast the ability in opportune moments. An opponent who’s healing or reviving a fallen ally likely won’t be able to escape the blast’s impact, for example.

Although Seer can easily gain insight into his opponents’ whereabouts using his abilities, their locations must still be communicated to allies—so don’t play Seer if you don’t plan to share this information with your teammates. Placing Seer’s ultimate at the start of a firefight can allow you to remain one step ahead of opposing teams should they attempt rotations mid-fight. Be aware that the dome lasts roughly 30 seconds on its own, however, so try to make the most of it while you can in longer fights.

Players can put Seer’s abilities to the test now that Apex’s 10th season is live. Fans of the battle royale will have approximately three months to complete Emergence’s battle pass, try out the newly updated maps, and climb the season’s ranked ladder before the season wraps up.