How to play Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

Let's give them a show.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Rhapsody is here in Apex Legends Mobile and she brings with her an intriguing ability that has yet to be seen in either the mobile or the console and PC version of the game: a direct counter to scan characters. 

Rhapsody is more than just her ultimate, however. She brings with her a wide array of sound and music-based abilities that make her an extremely flexible character, good for both solo players trying to run through lobbies and players who are more team-focused in their play. 

Get ready to start the biggest party the Apex Games have ever seen with these tips and tricks for playing Rhapsody.

Passive ability – Gifted Ear

Rhapsody’s passive is incredibly useful. Gifted Ear gives her a greater range of hearing sounds, such as enemy footsteps, than any other legend in the game. In addition to this greater range of hearing, she also gets visual indicators on her HUD that actually show you when enemies get closer, changing from purple to white.

This ability allows Rhapsody to gather information on nearby enemies faster than any other legend in Apex Mobile, and she doesn’t even have to use a cooldown ability to get that info. Just keep an eye on your screen and look out for the Gifted Ear icons that will pop up around your reticle. You can easily chase down enemy teams with the passive or check to see where enemies are if you’re trying to hide yourself. Be mindful of people sneaking up on you, however. Gifted Ear is great at hearing sprinting enemies, but enemies that are walking or crouch-walking won’t show up for Gifted Ear at all.

Tactical ability – Hype Anthem

Hype Anthem is a fantastic ability both in situations where your team needs a boost or if you’re all on your own. Using Hype Anthem will give Rhapsody and teammates close by her a movement speed boost of 15 percent. It will also heal shields for her and teammates in range of her. If the ability is allowed to complete its full 10-second duration, Hype Anthem can restore 50 shields.

Like much of Rhapsody’s kit, Hype Anthem isn’t a very subtle ability, with a dance song playing that sends you and your squad sprinting around the map. But it’s great for running into a third-party opportunity, especially if you have a character like Octane on your squad. The speed boost from Hype Anthem will stack with Octane’s stim, making him move even faster. 

If you need to get away from an engagement, Hype Anthem can be equally useful. If you or your squad know another team is closing in and don’t have time to heal, simply turn up the Hype Anthem and get to a better spot. Your shields will heal as you’re all moving, no slowing down for shield cells required. Just be aware that Hype Anthem will stop both its speed boost and its shield healing capabilities if you take damage, so make sure you use cover well or else that no surrounding teams are too aware of your position when you use it.

Ultimate ability – Rowdy’s Rave

Let’s really get this party going, shall we? Your best DJ companion Rowdy will throw up a massive wall of sound for 20 seconds. While this is not a shield and can be shut or run through on either side, it does obscure vision on one side, while the other side can be seen clearly through. Enemies on the wrong side of the wall will be highlighted in red, much like Bloodhound’s scan. And to top it all off, the Rave wall will block all incoming scans. 

Since the wall is very noticeable (it’s gigantic, flashing, and bright pink), it’s not something you want to throw up if you’re trying to be less noticeable. But if an enemy team already sees you, Rowdy’s Rave is incredibly useful. It denies enemy teams’ vision, prevents enemy Bloodhounds from just scanning you and your teammates, and gives you a considerable advantage when looking for enemies through the wall. 

While the wall feels solid and the lack of vision enemies have might give you the sense that it’s impervious to incoming bullets, make sure to remember that it can be shot through, no matter what side of the wall you’re on. The same goes for grenades and other legend ordinances. The Rave is great if you’re going up against an enemy squad and you have some room to work with. But if you’re trapped in a tight space and try to use it to block vision, it’s pretty easy to throw a few grenades or a Caustic ultimate through the wall to finish you off.