How to play Mirage in Apex Legends

Time to put on a dazzling performance.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends, the hottest battle royale game on the market at the moment, is shaking up the formula by basing its game around eight characters with their own unique traits and abilities.

One of these characters is Mirage, a trickster, a show-boater, someone who only exists to confuse enemy squads as much as possible to send them spiraling out of control. He is the perfect choice for those lone wolf players who prefer to split up from their squads to carry a team to glory.

Get a bit tricky with how you use him and you’ll be picking up a slew of battle royale victories in no time.

Encore! – Passive

Mirage’s passive isn’t anything special that will aid you in battle but it does still have its uses.

If you were to be knocked down by an enemy, Mirage instantly cloaks himself for five seconds and drops a decoy so that enemies don’t know where he is.

As Mirage, this allows you to face check buildings for enemy squads and replay information to your squad if you go down, allowing them to come to your rescue.

Of course, this strategy is dangerous and even suicidal, but it can at least be used as a last resort. If you do end up dying, your squad can at least revive you.

Psyche Out – Q

Psyche Out is the main reason to pick up Mirage, as it sends out a holographic decoy in a single direction to confuse an enemy.

With this ability, you can send out a decoy to check for enemies waiting around corners as they are likely to shoot at it, believing it to be the real thing. You can then use that information to fire at their hidden locations.

You mainly want to be sending decoys and tricks in one direction and walking the opposite way to either escape or flank your opponent from an area they least expect.

It is so easy to have your decoy sit in an obvious place to draw an enemies’ focus to that area, only to come from behind them and wipe the squad out in one fell swoop.

Vanishing Act – Ultimate

Mirage’s ultimate ability is a perfect escape tool as it deploys a large wave of Decoys on your current spot to distract enemies while you cloak away.

It is meant to cause confusion and give you the chance to either escape a perilous situation or give you the upper hand. A literal ace up your sleeve.

The only issue is, you will be unable to use a weapon for a few seconds after you use this ability and you can still be seen by enemies up close. This can leave you vulnerable so be sure to just run when you use it.

If used correctly, you should be able to re-position and use the confusion of your enemies to obtain the high ground and take them all out with ease, putting you one step closer towards being a champion of the Apex.