How to play Horizon in Apex Legends

Astrophysicist, astronaut, and Apex’s latest competitor.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ seventh season is adding the gravitational manipulator Horizon as its latest competitor. A brilliant astrophysicist and, in her own words, “a bloody genius,” Horizon’s kit is all about defying gravity—and, more importantly, using it against her opponents.

Horizon is a native of Olympus, Apex’s newest arena, and she shines on her home turf. The astrophysicist’s abilities let her traverse the map swiftly and climb small buildings, houses, walkways, and other obstacles. Her tactical can also serve as a trap or zoning tool and her ultimate sucks in and traps nearby enemies. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Horizon.

Horizon’s abilities

Passive: Spacewalk

Horizon’s space suit gives her extra maneuverability in mid-air and allows her to immediately land without getting stopped in her tracks. These arere minor perks, but make a tangible difference in some scenarios. And the soft landings give a small advantage when moving around the map: there’s no need to stop or melee the ground to cancel the impact.

Tactical: Gravity Lift

Horizon’s tactical creates a small gravity lift that propels all players upward. This ability has a 15-second cooldown that begins when her Repulsor Star touches the ground and the lift remains active for approximately seven seconds. The Gravity Lift is useful for propelling a squad onto higher ground, but it can also serve as a small trap.

Ultimate: Black Hole

Horizon’s sidekick Newt is more than just her companion: it’s also a high-powered, portable black hole that sucks in nearby enemies. Newtie counts as a projectile, so there’s a small delay between tapping the key and the black hole actually powering up. Its gravitational pull is based on the object’s distance from the center of the blast.

How to play Horizon

Horizon is a versatile legend who can offer good value to any team. Her gravity lifts give some free extra mobility to any squad, while her passive makes her adept at jumping around Olympus and her ultimate can eliminate any enemy caught in it.

Horizon’s tactical has a handful of uses for each circumstance and offers plenty of liberty for players to try out their wildest strategies.

The gravity lift can work as a formidable defensive tool. If timed correctly and accounting for animations, it can serve as a small trap (if tossed at an enemy that just went through a door, for example) and works well with Caustic’s gas by prolonging an opponent’s exposure to the deadly fumes. Enemies caught in the lifts aren’t completely helpless, however, and are bound to fight back. 

Horizon’s tactical can work as a temporary deterrent in close-quarters areas, like a narrow doorway or the elevator shafts in Bonsai Plaza. Enemies won’t be completely stunned if they do breach, but the lift can disrupt them long enough to land a few shots.

If a Trident tries to run Horizon over, she can drop a repulsor star on the vehicle’s path to lift it off the ground. The hang time can be enough to land an Arc Star or a Frag Grenade (the latter also floats up in the air) and can interrupt anyone who expects to breeze through the map.

Horizon’s tactical can provide useful mobility, especially in Olympus’ landscape. Most POIs have different levels and even though all legends can wall-climb, few do it as swiftly as Dr. Mary Somers. Out of combat, the gravity lift makes for an easy and comfortable way to explore areas. In a pinch, the ability can provide a quick getaway, especially from offenders at mid-range. Horizon can use the repulsor to take the high ground and escape or to break a line of sight and find new cover.

To elude close-range pursuers, she can drop down into a lower level (with the help of her passive) and create a gravity lift on the floor. The enemy will be suspended temporarily and have to deal with the landing animation after hitting the ground. This should buy you some time to reposition.

On offense, the ability can help the squad storm the high ground or find a new flanking route. A well-placed repulsor star can flush out enemies behind low cover, such as Rampart walls, and can serve as a small deterrent in a pinch. But be careful of Wattson’s Pylons.

Tossing it at an enemy before attacking, as seen in the gameplay trailer, is a risky strategy. It might just work, but players who try to do this must consider the animations and deployment time. It works better when done against an unsuspecting target—although, in that scenario, her ultimate may be more effective.

Horizon’s Black Hole is another valuable tool in her arsenal. The ability reels in nearby enemies and can pull them out of cover or into other dangers, such as Caustic traps, and throwing grenades inside her ultimate is a surefire way to wreak havoc on enemies.

Although it makes sense to use it in close-quarters areas, like the narrow hallways in the Reverie Lounge, the Black Hole can work just as well in the open fields of Olympus. It can pull squads away from low cover, such as rocks or buildings, and leave them open to an attack.

Horizon can get great value from grenades. The Black Hole groups up enemies and leaves them vulnerable to frags and Arc Stars, while her gravity lift allows her to move into a better position and use a grenade to engage an enemy.

Counters and synergies

Characters with high mobility like Octane, Pathfinder, Loba, and Wraith can avoid the singularity since the gravitational pull gets stronger based on the proximity to the center—though breaking free will force them to burn a valuable cooldown. Horizon players must watch out especially for Wattson: the Static Defender’s ultimate will negate both the Black Hole and the Gravity Lift.

Although some legends can give her a hard time, Horizon is mostly a neutral pick against most matchups. But she has valuable synergy with some of the legends.

Crypto is an important ally for Horizon. The hacker’s ultimate can take out Wattson’s Pylons and remove one of her hardest counters from play. The EMP and Black Hole combo can also be devastating.

Horizon’s ultimate synergizes well with Caustic’s Nox gas. The gravitational pull increases exposure to the toxins and makes sure that enemies breathe in a little bit more of the poisonous gas. Legends caught in the singularity are highlighted in yellow, similar to Caustic’s passive, and make for an easy target for Horizon.

The gravitational pull can also work with Revenant’s Silence, which prevents affected enemies from using any abilities, as well as with area-of-effect abilities like Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ultimates.

Overall, the latest legend has a versatile kit that has some use in every situation but is particularly effective on Olympus. The verticality in the new arena complements her abilities well and her tactical can effortlessly propel Horizon and her squad to high places, such as the taller houses in Estates. She can still hold her own on the other maps, though.