How to fix Apex Legends ‘Dxgi Error Device Hung’ error code

Ignoring driver updates may have caught up to you.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Each Apex Legends patch goes through quality assurance stages to make sure fans receive the best final product possible. Despite the developers’ best efforts, though, more errors and bugs can arise when players are added to the equation since a larger sample size often stumbles upon more errors.

The “Dxgi Error Device Hung” error code usually appears for Apex players using an NVIDIA graphics card. Though it resurfaces rarely, it usually does after large content patches.

The Dxgi Error Device Hung error will prevent players from logging into Apex, but there are a few fixes players can try out to get rid of it.

Install the latest drivers for your GPU

Developers generally work with the latest hardware and software. This means that as graphics card manufacturers release more drivers, game developers start optimizing their titles according to them.

If you’ve been stuck on an old driver, chances are you might be experiencing the Dxgi Error Device Hung error due to outdated drivers. Updating your GPU drivers only takes a few minutes and you can download the latest driver for your NVIDIA GPU here.

While the error rarely appears for AMD users, you can download the latest drivers for AMD graphics cards here.

Rollback drivers

Updating your drivers can be a double-edged sword at times. If you start experiencing the Dxgi Error Device Hung error after performing a driver update, you should reroll the most recent update since it could have introduced an anomaly that’s triggering the issue.

There are built-in ways to reroll drivers, but the most reliable way of doing so will be through uninstalling your current driver completely and manually installing a previous one.

NVIDIA’s advanced driver search tool allows players to download past driver releases for their graphics cards. You can simply install a driver from a date that you remember not having any issues with Apex.

Submit a support ticket

If troubleshooting your GPU drivers doesn’t fix the Dxgi Error Device Hung issue, then the error may be appearing due to a completely different reason.

When outliers are in play, you’ll need to contact Apex’s help team since they’ll be equipped to run a more thorough diagnostic on the matter.