How to complete the Scout of Action challenge in Apex Legends

Little did you know.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Everyone has their favorite character in Apex Legends. Whether it’s due to their power, their playstyle, or their lore, you may find yourself choosing some of the legends more often than the others. If you’d like to know more about your favorite legends, completing story challenges can give you an in-depth look into their backstories. The recent Apex patch introduced a new story challenge for Bangalore, and more legends are likely to follow in the future.

Bangalore’s story challenge will be released in four parts, and players will unlock various rewards for completing the challenges, including Bangalore Apex Packs. The first challenge is the Scout of Action, and it sends players to the Firing Range for some target practice with Bangalore’s favorite firearm.

Before you start the Scout of Action challenge, look for the Bangalore challenge in the Main Menu. Load into the Firing Range, then look for a weapon stand on the platform with heavy weapons. If you’re playing as Bangalore, the stand will prompt you to activate the Scout of Action challenge, so get your aim ready.

The challenge is fairly straightforward. You’ll need to shoot 35 blue targets in under a minute to complete this challenge, though you can keep going for the high score if you want to. It will also add a tracker to your legends so you can show off your high score if you want to. If you’re struggling, you can take some time to line up your shots, and keep an ear out for the G7 Scout’s signature audio cues when the magazine is depleting so you know when to anticipate a reload. While it sounds easy at first, it takes you a few tries until you find your rhythm.

Upon completing the challenge, players will unlock a radio play with Bangalore and Wraith, which will also be available as a loading screen. The rest of the event will be available in the coming weeks, giving fans more insight into Bangalore’s backstory and the fate of her brother.