How to claim Revenant’s Gilded Rose Twitch Prime skin

The offer ends March 19.

Image via Twitch

A new month means it’s time for a new Twitch Prime skin. Respawn Entertainment is kicking February off with a free skin for Apex Legends’ newest champion, Revenant. The Synthetic Nightmare is the third legend in Respawn’s partnership with Twitch to receive a skin this year and fans of the battle royale can now claim the offer by simply linking their accounts.

Revenant’s Gilded Rose skin features the legend in colorful, tribal-like body paint. Bloody handprints are stamped onto his shoulders, while green and red roses are printed down his arms. Revenant’s bandana is black and gold instead of its usual red and his chest resembles a field of roses.

Those with a Twitch Prime subscription can claim the Revenant skin by linking their accounts. To do so, users will need to venture into their Twitch settings and connect their EA account in the Connections tab.

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After ensuring their accounts are linked, users can visit the promotion page by clicking on the crown icon in the top right corner of Twitch’s homepage. Choosing the Learn More option underneath the Apex Legends banner will take users to the rewards page where they can then claim the skin, which will automatically appear in their collection the next time they launch the battle royale.  

Users have until March 19 to claim Revenant’s new Gilded Rose skin. Around the same time, Respawn and Twitch will release the next skin in the promotion for users to claim. Those who have not yet claimed the previous monthly offer, Caustic’s Geometric Anomaly skin, can still do so by visiting the promotional page.