Horizon has the highest win rate followed by Wraith, Gibraltar, Apex dev says

The astrophysicist is having a great debut.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ space mom is dominating the competition.

Respawn lead game designer Daniel Z Klein discussed legend win rates in a Reddit thread yesterday, putting Horizon at the top. Wraith has the second-highest win rate, followed by Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Wattson to round out the top five.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In the most recent Fight Night patch, Horizon's Gravity Lift cooldown increased from 16 to 21 seconds. Despite the nerfs, however, Klein says she's the "strongest legend in the game."

"Win rates change over time, and especially so for new legends," the dev said. "She released into top 3, has been climbing since and is now the strongest legend in the game. And her win rate is still going up."

Horizon's win rate inexplicably rose after her tactical ability was nerfed, according to Klein, likely because players have gotten more experienced with her. And the Gravitational Manipulator has the ideal kit for Olympus' verticality, helping Horizon and her squad gain stellar vantage points to pick off targets.

Wraith unsurprisingly comes in second place since she offers mobility, safety, and a small hitbox. And Gibraltar, who's the exact opposite of the Interdimensional Skirmisher, has caused some ire within the Apex community. The legend's Gun Shield frustrates players because its big and blocks so much incoming damage.

Apex pros, like Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano, have been vocal about Gibby's gun shield, calling for nerfs. But the Shielded Fortress' kit hasn't been touched since August, aside from bug fixes.