Hilarious Apex play sees Caustic hide in his own traps

This Caustic isn't messing around.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

You never know where you’ll find enemies in Apex Legends, as one Octane player who got the surprise of their life can tell you.

Reddit user DustSheet shared a clip from a recent battle royale match on Storm Point. They rushed into a building by themselves, only to find a strange cluster of hostile Caustic traps in front of the exit.

After alerting their teammates, they took a few shots and destroyed some of the traps. As they were doing so, from out of the middle of the traps popped a squatting Caustic, presumably waiting for someone to come along and trigger the traps. After a quick fight, DustSheet took out the Caustic and cleared the traps, obviously still surprised by what happened.

Commenters were quick to make all kinds of jokes in response, from the classic “a wild Caustic appeared” to “you’ve activated my trap card.” One viewer compared him to a Korok from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, imagining that he said “Yahaha! You found me!” when DustSheet destroyed the traps. Others applauded Caustic’s tenacity and sheer creativity, saying that players have gotten incredibly inventive with where they place traps. (Something tells us that DustSheet might not agree, considering that they titled the clip “Caustic’s are animals.”)

Even if they can be a little annoying in their plays, we love Caustic just as much as any other legend.